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OKAY ladies, name that girlfriend! You know, the one who is a ride-or-die girl’s girl? The one that you can call at any time of the night for a vent sesh, a good laugh (or cry… whatever you feel is needed) or both? She’s our type of gal! The total package, a real That Girl and she deserves the best which means the That Girl Bundle with our signature flavors!

The That Girl Bundle is our most popular bundle, with a little something for everyone.

Your Bundle Includes:

  • Over It: A rosé for when you just can’t even.
  • Lady Like: A white blend for once, twice, or zero times a lady.
  • Yay Day: A toasty red blend to pair with red meat and red sauces.
  • Talk Sauce: A crisp Chardonnay to pair with seafood and rich sauces.