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Can Can Premium White Wine Spritzer 12 Pack

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Can Can Premium White Wine Spritzer

12 can pack- 250mL cans

When it’s time to bring out the bubbly—you’ll know. Sun out? Music bumping? Good imbibes all around? Oh yeah, it’s definitely the occasion for a fizzy white wine spritzer. This drink is pure fun in a portable, party-ready format. So you can dance like no one’s watching, sing your heart out, and sip your wine straight from the can.

If anyone says, “Oh no, she didn’t.” Just hold up your bevvie and repeat, “Oh yes, I Can Can.”

Drink Can Can when...

  • You’re the life of the party
  • It’s time to kick up your heels
  • The bros are drinking beers
  • You’re on a boat!
  • Summer is never over
  • Yes. You. Can.

Yum Factors:

  • Light to medium body with a fresh spritz
  • Clean and not overly sweet
  • Flavors of melon and tropical fruit
  • Goes with all kinds of foods
  • Tastes like it smells (i.e. delicious!)
  • Alcohol content: 5.85%
  • Only 115 calories per can!