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Meet That Girl

We’ve all been there…

You’re standing in that cute neighborhood wine shop, scanning the shelves, pretending to be searching for that Cotes du Rhone you had once in Paris, but really you are panicking because the owner of said cute neighborhood wine shop is approaching and you can feel his beady little eyes boring into the back of your head.

“Can I help you, miss?”

“Um… chicken? I need something that goes with chicken?” (Read: chocolate and a spoonful of peanut butter.)

You go home with a bottle that’s $20 more than you wanted to spend and grand illusions of tasting wildberries kissed by the Tuscan sun and tobacco from George Clooney’s garden.

Dirt. It tastes like dirt.

And so you laugh until you cry a little, invite a girlfriend over, and you drink the overpriced dirt wine paired with frozen pizza, never to return to the cute neighborhood wine shop again.

There’s a better way to wine.

Meet That Girl.

We make wine that’s fun to drink.

Our philosophy is to rid wine of all pretension and bring it back to its true purpose… pure enjoyment. We believe wine should taste good whether it’s paired with your favorite cheese or a cheesy rom-com. To understand our tasting notes, the only words you really need to know are mmm, yum, yes, and cheers.


A Note From Our Director of Good Imbibes

“I've been there too. Even though I'm a chef and culinary stylist, I've had my fair share of mystery wine mishaps and embarrassing encounters with snobby sommeliers. No one's got time for that! I view food and cooking as an act of love. It should be fun! Drinking wine should be too.”

— Ashton Keefe, Director of Good Imbibes

Right Wine. Right Mood, Right Price. Right Craftsmanship.

At That Girl Wine Company we pride ourselves on delivering fantastic wines at fair price points, that celebrate all of your life’s accomplishments. 

 Our wine making team and our winery operations group scour the globe seeking the finest raw and finished products for customers with the most discriminating taste. These products are then refined at one of our two winemaking facilities in California and New York. 

 Finished products are then sold on-line via our That Girl Wine Company web site and shipped directly to consumers across the United States where state and local laws allow.