Who Is That Girl?

Who Is That Girl?

Somewhere between the wine snob studying to join the Court of Master Sommeliers and the poor soul still reeling over two-buck chuck that costs $3.99… there’s you. Sweet, fun-loving, you. Just a girl, looking for a wine, asking it to taste good. Don't worry, we've got it covered! That Girl was made just for you.

Ladies let’s be real! That Girl is you, it’s me, it’s us, it’s them, it’s we. Every girl can be a That Girl, just as long as you love getting social and sharing good imbibes! Which we all know you relate to because you are here. You are somewhere between a wine drinker who knows her stuff and the wine buyer who scoops up two-buck-chuck at Trader’s Joes. Amiirightt?

That Girl wants to make an impression (one that lasts)! She is often the center of the conversation and the one who gets everyone’s opinion. She’s charming, everybody’s friend, appearances matter but so does being fun and easy-going. And with that in mind That Girl is the fun captain of her friend squad (YES. YOU. ARE.) She is “girlie” with her own style, pink is her color but she can tackle like a bro. 

That Girl is ...

  • A social butterfly
  • Up for anything, especially a good time!
  • Prefers sweet wines but is ready to explore

She loves ...

  • A good Starbucks coffee
  • Her Lululemon align leggings
  • Subscriptions like HelloFresh & Thrive Market

So are you That Girl?

Want to be featured on That Girl Social? Yah, that's right, we want to show you off!

We challenge you to take your most That Girl styled image -- with the wines of course. Tag us or email us photos of you being totally that girl to drink@thatgirlwine.com. And you just might be a featured That Girl!

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Until next time…

Bottoms up, 

XOXO That Girl

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