Time to Meet The Girls!

Time to Meet The Girls!

Ayyy, welcome back! Today we are going to go around in a circle and introduce ourselves.

That Girl Wine collections are great-tasting and well-crafted with a look designed to match your mood and aesthetic. Bla, bla, bla …Okay, if you can’t remember that by now then I think it’s time you reevaluate. JUST KIDDDING, but seriously think GOOD IMBIBES ONLY.

Like when it’s time to get the girls together and reconnect, you bring out That Girl Wines. When you are celebrating that 30th birthday or your bestie’s Bachelorette, you bring out That Girl Wines. Or when it’s Monday and you’ve had a wicked long day at work or when it’s Wine Wednesday and the next season of your favorite show is premiering.

Or it’s Friday evening and you’re in need of a little self-love like a bubble bath, face mask and of course a nice glass (or two!) of wine. You see where we are going with this? Our wine is for anyone and everyone gearing up for whatever the occasion might be, these collections are so relatable.

Our first collection includes wines that are ready for you to kick back & relax with, no matter your mood. Meet The Sweet Girl Collection featuring:

  • Lady Like, a white blend for once or zero times a lady.
  • Over It, a rosé for when you just can’t even and last but certainly not least…
  • Besti, a sweet red blend you can depend on!

Our second collection includes wines that not only pair with your mood, but also your menu.  So get your cook book ready. Meet The Foodie Girl Collection featuring:

  • Yay Day, a smooth and toasty red blend.
  • Talk Sauce, a chardonnay that’s up for the gossip!
  • Holy Chic, a bright, timeless white.

And last but certainly not least a read-to-drink wine that will pair with every season... tailgates, bonfires, beach days, rock climbing, whatever. Meet The New Girl featuring:

  • Can Can, a premium white wine spritzer!

Be sure to shop our website and share our profile with your besties! GOOD IMBIBES ONLY LADIES!

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Until next time…

Bottoms up,

XOXO That Girl

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