Mmmm, yum, yes!

Mmmm, yum, yes!

To understand our tasting notes, the only words you really need to know are mmm, yum, yes, and bottoms up. Makes sense, right?

Now let’s not waste anyone’s time chit chatting, let’s dive in!

You may be a full-grown adult, but you’re still not at all certain whether you qualify as a true lady. We say, embrace being proper-ish, elegant adjacent and Lady Like! Drink Lady Like when you didn’t actually read the Book Club book. It’s 12.5% alc/vol so even though you didn’t read the book you’ll still chat on about the Cliff Notes outlined on the back of the book. Fake it till you make it, pinkies up ladies!

Lady Like is a medium body sweet white blend aka not too light, not too heavy, but juuuust right from Monterey County, California. She has a floral fragrance. Yes, it does taste like it smells. Go ahead, stick your nose in it all fancy-like. We don’t judge. Time to be a little improper.

Now go tell all those Debbie Downers they’re not invited unless they get on your level because life is full of emojis, OMGs and a ton of exclamation points. Every day is Yay Day. You don’t need a special occasion to drink Yay Day, you could pop the cork purely based on the fact someone else did the dishes. It’s 12.1% acl/vol and that is reason enough to celebrate and scream out OMG.

Yay Day is a medium to medium-full body, she knows what it’s like to be between sizes. A smooth blend of toasty Cabernet Sauvignon and fruity Merlot from Columbia Valley, Washington. She has flavors of roasted coffee, blackberry, and vanilla. That’s right, Yay Day pairs well with all those fancy meals you see on Top Chef but have no fear… if all else fails, pizza will do just fine. Pineapple ham, pepperoni, veggie, oh my!

Sometimes you just need a glass of wine, no questions asked and that’s OKAY! Or you glance in the mirror and you’re like, Damn, girl. You look good. Friends, this feeling calls for the power of a good rosé! Drink Over It when your brunch plans get canceled… because girl, you deserve that 13.6% alc/vol for taking that hour this morning to get ready. That alone calls for a celebration! Over It is a medium body sweet rosé from Mendocino County, California. She encompasses the perfect amount of melon and juicy raspberry. Enjoyable with all kinds of food. Okay, we just can’t even anymore. Pass the whole bottle!

We would like to start off by saying we are not liable for any spilled secrets when this wine is by your side. You’ll want a glass (or bottle… we get it) of this for every vent sesh with your mom, you get the “we need to talk” text or when you can feel the tea about to spill. We can assure you that Talk Sauce is ready for the gossip. At 14.2% alc/vol she will help you keep the words flowing and the conversations going. Talk Sauce is a medium-bodied Chardonnay from California. She is smooth, refreshing and smells like white florals! Plus, a bonus touch of green apple and pear. Mouthwatering yet? HA, if not think seafood or rich foods— especially ones with cream sauce. So, is it time to gossip yet?

Alright, that’s enough for now! All this talk about book clubs, brunch and reality TV has us NEEDING a girls night so time to plan… but don’t you worry we will be back with more!

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Until next time…

Bottoms up,

XOXO That Girl

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