Bottoms up (and more!)

Bottoms up (and more!)

Heyyoo, That Girl Wine back at it again bringing you more tasting notes that we are confident will continue to peak your interest levels!

We love a wine that doesn’t love you at your worst, doesn’t deserve you at your best. That’s why you need to find a bottle you can truly depend on. A bestie that will stick around no matter what! Drink Besti when you’re binge-watching reality TV while reminiscing with your best friend. That 13.2% alc/vol will taste delicious even when you mix this wine with tears, whether you’ve been sobbing through heartbreak or laughing until you cry.

She is a full body sweet red blend with toasted and earthy notes -- think black currant and plum. Besti tastes like it smells (trust is key, girlfriend) and she comes from California. Sweetheart, we suggest you grab four bottles and stock up, ya girl will be calling you soon!

We all know that little black dress or that go-to sundress. The one that oozes style and sophistication. Think New York Fashion Week. She ain’t no basic B, she is ALWAYS in style. Holy Chic is the girl who is always ready to impress! No matter the occasion, this chenin blanc will instantly elevate your fancy sweatpants.

Girl always remember, you have impeccable taste and it’s okay to use the fine china on a Tuesday. Made of Chardonnay and Pinot Grigo, at 12.3% alc/vol Holy Chic is here to make your dinner feel like a Michelin-starred experience. She is a light-to-medium body from South Africa. And listen, she understands what it’s like to be multiple sizes (#bloating is a real thing). Holy Chic has a great balance of stone fruit and citrus. Pairs well with grilled fish, spicy prawns, and oooh hey, carb lovers: PASTA. Now, what are you going to wear?

Girl, do you hear that music bumping? The crowd cheering or the fire crackling? Oh yeah, there is no better occasion for the RTD (ready to drink), portable, bubbly bevvie. Someone screams “Oh no, she didn’t” the typical That Girl response is “Oh yes, she Can Can!”

When the bros are drinking beer, you ladies drink Can Can. It is only 5.85% alc/vol and 115 calories. You get to drink Can Can right from a can (wink wink) while dancing like no one is watching, singing like you normally do in the shower or kicking up your heels because we’re the life of the party (and don’t you forget it). Can Can is a light to medium body with a fresh spritz. She is clean and not overly sweet -- think tropical, think delicious, think Yes. You. Can.

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Bottoms up,

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