Think Flavor, Think Foodie!

Think Flavor, Think Foodie!

Think flavor, think foodie. All the flavors for our foodie girls are to die for: toasty, bright, and crisp. 

Whatever you have planned for dinner, this collection will be the secret ingredient that takes your meal to the next level. These three wines complement a variety of flavors, cuisines, and picky palates so stock up! We won’t judge if you slip a sip before the cooking even starts.

A true foodie is always prepared for two things: a guest judge appearance on Top Chef and throwing a dinner party. You’ve got the impeccable taste covered. That Girl will take care of the wine. Your pantry will be stocked with versatile wines made to pair with an array of flavors.

Meet Yay Day, a toasty red blend to pair with red meat and red sauces.

  • More than three exclamation points are called for!!!!!!
  • You scored big at the Farmers Market
  • Dinner turned out extra delicious
  • Someone else is doing the dishes
  • There’s a Top Chef marathon on TV
  • Britney is finally free

Meet Talk Sauce, a bright Chenin Blanc to pair with grilled fish and pasta.

  • Spilling the tea
  • Anyone says, “We need to talk.”
  • It’s time for the grown-ups’ storytime
  • Your dinner guests need an icebreaker
  • Facetiming your mom
  • A recipe calls for more than one stick of butter

Meet Holy Chic, a crisp Chardonnay to pair with seafood and rich sauces.

  • You have impeccable taste
  • You’re dressed to impress
  • You switch to your “fancy” sweatpants
  • You’re cooking anything sous vide
  • The fine china is coming out
  • You want something lighter than a Chardonnay

So when is your next dinner party? We better be invited!

Until next time…

Bottoms up,

            XOXO That Girl

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