The Sweet Triple Threat!

The Sweet Triple Threat!

A triple threat set featuring our rosé, white blend, and red blend. 

Whoever said preparation is key was absolutely right. We take that to mean having a wine for every occasion is an absolute must. That’s why this collection has one of each of our delicious, sweet wines, so you have a bottle for every mood (even if they all strike in one night).

And it’s true what they say about girls… girls like to travel in packs and That Girl is no exception, you get to choose exactly which girls make the cut for your posse. 

Meet Over it, a rosé for when you just can’t even:

  • You just can't even
  • Something (anything!) calls for a celebration
  • Brunch plans get canceled… again
  • The kids are away at summer camp
  • You’re getting a mani/pedi
  • You start to wonder if people still say YOLO

Meet Besti, a sweet red blend that you can depend on:

  • Reminiscing with your best friend (in human form)
  • It’s the first sign of sweater weather
  • Binge watching reality TV
  • You’re in love
  • You’re out of love
  • A good, long hug is in order

Meet Lady Like, a white blend for once, twice, or zero times a lady:

  • Happy Hour turns into Happy Hours
  • You didn’t actually read the Book Club book
  • The temp makes you feel like dining al fresco
  • You want to avoid staining the carpet
  • You’re dreaming about a tropical getaway
  • You’re on a tropical getaway

Let's go girls! Time to plan our next VAYCAY!

Until next time…

Bottoms up,

            XOXO That Girl

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